The drills are designed in line with the principles of our training concept.

They are all "more-than-one-shot", while moving and under one second.  Some of them like the "Modified Bill Drill" actually consist of 2 parts each shot in under one second. They could be called "1+1" second drills.


Distance 25 m, any torso-sized target will do. On the "beap" of the timer the shooter should step out of the "killing ground" - a corridor 1 meter wide before he starts shooting. The second shot should be one second or less. Both shots should hit the target , one of them should be center-hit ( A-zone if IPSC or similar target is used). Should be repeated 5 times, so you' ll need 10 rounds to complete the drill.


Watch video for details


Watch video for details


is shot from “patrol-ready”, distance to the target is 25 m, any torso-size target (IPSC, IDPA) will do. Six 6 shots must be fired in 2 seconds or less, all 6 must hit the target. The shooter stands in the “kill-zone” which is a “corridor” 1 meter wide. The shooter must step outside the “kill zone” before he starts shooting.